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EVOLVh- Healthy Hair


Would you rather continue putting band-aids on hair problems or transform your hair for good?

When choosing items for our A+C online store, it was important for us to find products that reflect our brand and what we stand for. Your hair is just as important as your skin and we wanted something we trusted. If it’s not good for your skin, it is most likely not good for your hair. That being said, when coming across EVOLVh, it was a no brainer that this company was meant for A+C. Their motto: Healthy hair starts with biology & an inside-out approach to formulation. They believe in biology driven, non-topical, non-cosmetic formulation that meets the molecular needs of every strand from deep inside the core of each fiber. EVOLVh products are a cosmetic formulation, relying on topical, old standby ingredients such as panthenol to coat hair and hide imperfections. 

Clean innovation is top of mind. They are always on the search for great essential oils and oil blends to bring to you the at-home spa experience. A blend of 9 essential oils is the anchor in many of their products, as well as a new introduction of a single citrus essential oil that has just the right je ne sais quoi character that mixes with their all important amino and fatty acids (just part of the true magic in EVOLVh) that makes their products come to life.

EVOLVh is now using a globally approved preservative for use in natural cosmetic and toiletries formulations, to bring you the best in clean beauty safety. Based on the combination of dehydroacetic acid (DHA) and benzyl alcohol, both organic compounds (It is a combination of ingredients but appears as two separate ingredients per INCI standards at the very end of each product ingredient label), it is globally recognized as a safe ingredient and efficient preservative that meets the highest criteria.


“Earth” and “EVOLVh” both start and end with the same letters – it’s a special connection they share with our beautiful, beloved planet and is symbolic of their values and who they are.

Product Benefits:

  • Recyclable Packaging & Packaging Materials
  •  NO Foam 
  • NO harsh chemicals OR hormone disruptors – products don’t contaminate the water supply when rinsed out
  •  Concentrated formulas with minimal water & NO fillers = LESS WASTE
  • Sulfate-free · paraben-free · silicone-free · pthalates-free · propylene glycol-free, · No GMOs,  No Biohazard, Gluten-Free, Petroleum-Free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Made Using Essential Oils
  • Safe Ingredients

Their Mission: To provide bar none the best performing clean products on Earth – good for you and for the planet.

Available in our online store. Simply click the “store” tab in our menu for products, pricing, and ordering!

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