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SALON elevation

Aesthetic + Co will now have a physical location offering Esthetic Services at SALON elevation in Gahanna, Ohio! This partnership will add more services to the Salon’s offerings and will allow A+C to provide quality esthetic services to our guests. Ronni, Master Esthetician and Abbi, Advanced Esthetician are excited to get started! Their books areContinue reading “SALON elevation”

Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?

Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work? We tested ingestible beauty powders, so you don’t have to.FEB 24, 2021 11:39PMBY ELLE TEAM (ELLE MAGAZINE) Who hasn’t listened to a juice cleanse addict attest to how “glowy” her skin looks since she liquefied her diet? But juice cleanses are junior varsity wellness torture. ADVERTISINGRecently, health and beauty brands have uppedContinue reading “Do Collagen Supplements Actually Work?”

Winter Hand Care

PRODUCTS ABOUT PROFESSIONALS BLOG home  blog  natural skin care  winter hand care Posted:May 21, 2020Categories:Natural Skin Care It’s that time of year when our hands start to become dry, flaky or even crack due to the colder weather. Maybe you also have some spots on your hand from summer sun damage, or feel that yourContinue reading “Winter Hand Care”


Bioavailability and CBD
Bioavailability refers to how much, and at what rate, something gets absorbed by your bloodstream. Bioavailability, in the context of hemp-based cannabinoids, it would be helpful to start with some basic science. cannabinoids are lipophilic molecules, which means they are oil-based compounds that are not soluble in water. Click the link to learn more!

Love Your Skin for Valentine’s Day!

Skip to content Get expert skin advice by scheduling a virtual consultation with one of our professionals at Aesthetic & Co of Columbus, Ohio! Purchase products. Trusted Physician Skin Care.Only the Best from Science and NatureHome › Skin Care Blog › Love Your Skin for Valentine’s Day! Love Your Skin for Valentine’s Day! By Cynthia Bailey MDValentine’s Day skin care can be a fun preparation for a hotContinue reading “Love Your Skin for Valentine’s Day!”

The Definitive Guide to Preventing Dry Skin—From a Top Dermatologist

To get Expert skin advice, schedule a virtual skin consultation with one of our Aesthetic & Co of Columbus, Ohio Professionals!  Skip to main contentNEWSLETTERSKINBY JENNA RENNERTDecember 4, 2019Photographed by Raymond Meier, Vogue, February 2008 All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.ForContinue reading “The Definitive Guide to Preventing Dry Skin—From a Top Dermatologist”